Monthly Archives: December 2004


Filesize: ~600K
License: by-nc-sa

This is another automated art project and a bit of a work in progress. Some time ago I wrote an FXScript for Final Cut Pro 3.0 that edited a movie to run forward and backward, interleaving the frames instead of compositing them. This is the test video I used as I was writing the script, you can still see (but not read in this heavily compressed version) the variables I was tracking on-screen while I debugged.

Someday I hope to revisit this project on a less awkward programming platform. FXScript was difficult to do automated editing with because it assumed (as of FCP3, anyway) a linear flow through the video material. I’m still on the lookout for a good high-level way to automate video editing. Quicktime Pro might do what I want in combination with Applescript or Perl/PerlMagick, but I haven’t investigated deeply yet.

I’m not providing the FXScript I used to create this, only because I think there are better ways. Contact me if you really want a copy.

As much as wish I had, I did not think of the word intertwingle.