Monthly Archives: April 2006

Plunger Press

Check out for groovy political kitsch, including t-shirts with Donald Rumsfeld’s head in a mason jar. All products are hand-printed and shirts are nice quality cotton/poly tees by Hanes.

I’m not clear if this is a permanent web fixture or temporary art installation. It was incorporated into a recent graduate thesis in fine art at Cornell University. But it’s not obvious to me if it’s aiming to create a pop-culture brand to market and financially support the artist’s work, or if it’s an ironic critique of consumerism. Maybe it’s both. Anyway, act fast if you want to consume their products… supplies are limited!

ICDSoft Wrapup

As previously mentioned, I did decide to migrate to a new domain and webhost. In addition to the comment left in response to my original ICDSoft commentary, an ICDSoft representative contacted me via e-mail. The message conveyed considerable distress over my post and also mentioned an unspecified potential terms of use violation. Although the representative suggested that ICDSoft would never consider censorship of its users, the choice to address possible policy violations in a conversation about critical content was distressing to me.

Even though there have been no tangible repercussions from the incident with ICDSoft, the experience has made it clear to me that my actions can reflect on and impact other members of the community in unintended ways. Migrating my content into its own namespace will channel future feedback directly to me and prevent possible confusion about whose opinion is being represented.