New Skin for the Old Ceremony

So the new site skin is up and I’m fairly happy with it. It’s based on Wuhan 0.4 (2010-10-17 update, the Wuhan website has long since disappeared, so no link is available), with a short javascript lifted from Gespaa. I made lots of small changes, most notably folding the menubar into the header image and switching the layout to a one-column format.

I’ve also enabled comments again. I turned them off almost immediately after starting the site when I had blog spam problems, but it has become increasingly clear to me that this site exists primarily in order to solicit feedback and it does a poor job of that with comments disabled.

If anyone finds the theme interesting, I’ve packaged it up to make it easy to use with WordPress 2.x. To install, download, unzip, upload into /wp-content/themes/, and select it as your default theme in the wp-admin interface. If you’re new to using themes in WordPress, check out the official theme documentation or leave a question in the comments.

Update, 4/25/05: There’s now a project page for the theme at where you can find more information as well as downloads for the latest packaged version.

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