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  1. I love WuCoco (especially the two-column version). Would it be hard to modify the CSS to have the right column no go all the way to the bottom? I’d like it to grow or shrink depending on how much sidebar content I have. Any advice?

  2. The whole sidebar is enclosed in a div with id=”sidebar”, which can be styled however you want. Look in the stylesheets for the “Begin Sidebar” comment.

    Edit 5/19: Doing independent column lengths would be hard with WuCoco. There is a single background image that tiles to create the appearance of two columns. In order to get back to independent column lengths, you’d have to split up the image and manage the background of the two columns independently. It’s not impossible, but it would be a bit of work.

  3. Hi there! Great theme!

    I’m using the one column version and only have one problem. Posts and pages both appear with the nice blue header and frame, except for pages that use the templates – namely the archives one and the links one. Any idea on what I can do to make them all appear with the frame?



  4. That’s a good suggestion. I’m actively working on an update that includes an overhaul of the archives page and it should be out within the next two weeks. I’ll put the archives and links pages in the post wrapper. If you want to solve the problem yourself before then, you’ll need to figure out the post wrapper and add it into the template pages. Off the top of my head, I think what you want is a couple of div’s inside the “narrowcolumn” div.

  5. Thanks Mike. Also, when you designed the site, were you checking Firefox or IE mostly? Some of the spacing actually looks better in IE than FF, in my opinion, anyway! Also, the comments box doesn’t have any left or right borders in FF – was this intentional?

  6. Hello,

    First of all, great theme! But…
    I have a problem and can’t figure it out. I would like to use the two-column layout for all the pages, except the photogallery (gallery2 with WPG2). As far as I can see, the layout is determined by the background pictures frame_body, frame_bottom and frame_top. So I extended the stylesheets with a reference to the backgroundpictures for the one-column layout. In the wp-gallery2.php file, I made a “thispage” variable and in the header I used an if loop to chose between the wright background images based on “thispage”.
    It doesn’t work, any ideas on switching between these layouts?

    Secondly, shouldn’t it be “easier” to trow away the background pictures and make the layout completely in css?


  7. @Dave: As we discussed offline, the gap you’ve noticed when viewing with firefox will soon be filled with navigation links that will appear with your second posting. Your border issue appears to be due to the Comment Quicktags plugin. I may not get to look at it for the next release, but will eventually test the theme with the plugin to figure out what’s going on. Until then, I’ll happily accept a patch if you or someone else fixes the issue.

    @Bert: The background image isn’t the only thing that changes between the one-column and two-column versions. The div containers change size as well, so you’ll need to handle those differences in CSS styling somehow. You could either pass the one-colum stylesheet instead of the two-column, or just ferret out the few lines that are different and include them some other way. You may also want to check out page templates, which are designed to allow you to do this kind of thing.

    As far as redoing the theme without image backgrounds, it’s only easier if you do it for me ;). You can’t create complex design elements (or even simple ones like rounded corners) with pure CSS, though, so you’ll have to make some visual changes. While the layout strategy isn’t perfect, it works on a variety of browsers and is well tested. Plus it was fully formed when I started modifying Wuhan to make Wucoco, and nothing could be easier than reusing mature code.

  8. I have to say, I discovered your theme and immediately fell in love with it. In short order, I had tweaked it for my site and used it as my theme. Fantastic work, and thank you for releasing it!

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  10. Hello. I discovered the WuCoco Theme and I’m very pleasured about this :) .. But I have a problem with it. I was fixing some codes but I couldn’t find the “Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 ..” places in codes.
    Where are their codes? ..
    And thank you and thank you for this great theme. I love it ..

  11. @Keyt: I think other folks had this problem as well. In 0.9.0, which is the most recent release, I’ve added a comment in the code to make it easier to find, and put clearer instructions in the readme about where to look.

  12. Just switched over to using WordPress for my blog, and WuCoco caught my eye while browsing around the theme page. Thanks for the beautiful theme.

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  14. Hey man, great theme, I’m using the two column version and so far so good. I plan to make some changes to customize it a bit. I will try to remember to post again when I finish the changes.

  15. Mike,

    This is my favourite theme. Thank you for making it so practical and minimalist. I would just like to ask you further about integrating Gallery2, if you have a few minutes to assist please…

    I saw your suggestion (in reply to Bert above) that we should use templates to create a one column layout for the gallery2 page. The problem I can’t seem to work out is that when we’ve created the template, how do we actually apply it to the gallery2 page?

    In order to generate the gallery2 page, the WPG2 plugin allows us to link to a file called wp-gallery2.php. There is no way to use that drop down menu to assign a template, as suggested in the WordPress Templates manual. Do you know how we can assign the one column template to wp-gallery2.php?

    The only blog where Wucoco and Gallery2 seem perfectly integrated is here:

    Although I think Jason has chosen to avoid wp-gallery2.php and designed his own Wucoco-esque theme for Gallery2.

  16. @James: Not being familiar with gallery2, I’m not at all sure what the best way to approach your issue is. One possibility may be to create a page template that calls wp-gallery2.php and places it inside the WuCoco pagebox. Another possibility is porting WuCoco to gallery2 if it has its own theming system.

    I think your best bet may be to get in touch with Jason and find out how he’s doing things. Please report back, since I’m sure other folks will be interested as well.

    Also… it’s worth noting that 0.4.3 is several versions back at this point. Have a look at the project page for the latest downloads.

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