WuCoco 0.9.0

WuCoco 0.9.0 is the result of the first round of concerted development work on the theme since its creation and it’s chock-full of new features and bugfixes:

  • Clean archives (Update: website for the clean archives plugin has disappeared) has been integrated to provide an information rich and inviting view of your post history. No fussing with plugins required.
  • Author comments are now highlighted to stand out.
  • The two-column layout is widget friendly.
  • A bug that was causing the comment form border to occasionally render incorrectly has been fixed.
  • Post margins have been made robust (previously many seldom used tags rendered without a margin)
  • The stylesheets have been reworked to be ease future development.

Download the one-column layout, the two-column layout, or the image sources in Gimp XCF format. Read the project page for the latest downloads and more information.

Update 7/18: This version is also known as 0.5.0.

12 thoughts on “WuCoco 0.9.0

  1. Awesome theme. :) Thanks!

    With IE7 out, I’m trying to implement the correct conditional comments in the php to direct IE7 to my IE7 css file.

    I don’t know PHP, so I’m guessing this is where all the comments are happening;



    What do I need to add for IE7? I’d like IE6 and IE7 to be seperate css files.

    Thanks in advance. :)

  2. Search header.php for explorer and you’ll find the lines that detect IE and feed it the ie-specific stylesheet. I suspect what you really want is to feed IE7 the standards compliant stylesheet, rather than create an IE7 specific stylesheet. I’d love to see some examples of other folks who are handling this well, since I haven’t done much testing against IE7 and am not clear on the best practice at this point.

  3. ps… that’s a fantastic theme mod. It has a really cohesive look and the style is very appropriate for a game guild.

  4. Thanks Mike! You made it ;)

    I solved my problem by using a CSS . . hack I guess. IE6 does not read !important so I’m using that for the IE7 issue.

  5. Hi!

    I love your theme Wucoco :)

    I’m wondering if you’re planning on a three column layout for it any time soon?
    I’m asking because I like it so much that I’d really like to keep using it but I find the sidebar seriously cramped with the stuff I have and that I’m planning to implement.

    I wish the theme would have a left sidebar as well to take some of the pressure from the right sidebar.
    Specifially I’m thinking that the calender would move to the top left corner.
    (in line with the header image. But the header image is on top of the middle and right sidebar)
    Then a recent posts plugin and then the metadata.

    Damn I wish I knew how to do this myself ;)


  6. @tommy: There are currently no plans for a three column layout.

    Personally, I think folks try to cram too much context and navigation into the frontpage. The frontpage is important, and I understand the impetus to create a rich experience there, but I think it’s gotten out of hand. My use of a one-column layout is a bit of a reaction to that trend, so I haven’t much interest creating a three-column variant.

    That said, I’d consider patches if someone else wanted to take on the project. I’d also be willing to do it as paid development, provided I could GPL the results.

  7. Thanks for the quick response mike.

    My blog has potential for some earnings so I might just take you up on that paid development.
    If that’s the case then I’ll be in touch!

  8. Mike –

    Thanks for the great theme!

    One question – is there any way to get rid of the space at the top of the sidebar when using widgets? You can see what I mean on my stie – I had previously widgetized 0.4.3 and had exactly the same problem.


  9. @Brian: As we discussed offline, I agree that there was too much space at the top of the sidebar. It’s more reasonable in svn now and will be corrected in the next release.

    The extra spacing you’ve noticed when using widgets is due to the calendar widget including an H2 tag for the title which you’re not using. Either enter a title or figure out how to make the widget stop outputting the empty tag.

  10. I too am interested in a three column lay-out for my media-blogazine. Can you contact me off-line to discuss a work-for hire type deal to modify it? Otherwise I’ll be forced to move to a different theme though I like yours so much!

  11. How do you enter a Blog Title for this theme? Also to replace the header is this accomplished like other WordPress templates?

    Thanks, great theme!!

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