Wucoco 0.10.0

During the development for 0.9.0 I thought I was ramping up for the big one-oh release, but as I dig deeper into the theme I’m finding that there are a few more cycles of disruptive development before I’m ready to settle into a maintenance cycle. WuCoco 0.10.0 features…

  • The much requested three column variant. I’d like to thank Soulpress.net for generously sponsoring the development of this feature.
  • A completely revamped layout engine, based on the Octopus Engine from Dragon Labs. Now that WuCoco no longer relies on faux columns it’s much easier to adjust column-width, and I no longer have to maintain separate graphic assets for the different variants. As an added bonus, it’s possible to easily switch to independent column heights if you choose.

The new layout engine involves a lot of changes under the hood. It’s quite possible that rendering bugs have been introduced, so speak up if you find one. By now, you know the drill: Download the one-column layout, the two-column layout, the new three-column layout, or the image sources in Gimp XCF format. Read the project page for the latest downloads and more information.

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  1. Hallo mike,

    I am using the new three-column layout – it is very nice… Now I have a problem with the sidebar: I have installed the sidebar widgets plugin, but the archives and categorys does not work… What can I do to change this?

    Greeting, B.

  2. Love the theme Mike – nice clean design.

    I’m looking into updating the look of my site sometime in the near future, and it appears that Wucoco will fit the bill nicely. Thanks!

  3. @Bernd: It looks like archives and categories are working on your site right now, maybe I’m missing something. Either way, you’ll need to post specific information if you want a useful response.

    @Sean: That’s great. I’m glad to hear that you’re considering WuCoco. You’ve got my e-mail address, feel free to drop a line if you have questions or suggestions or anything. I’ve been tracking nerdapproved via the feed and I noticed that Jeff actually scooped engadget by a couple of hours on a story a while back, which was great.

  4. @mike: the links in Calendar, Archives and Categorys are working fine in the one and the two Columne Theme. When i want to use the third Columne Theme these Links don`t work, I get only a blank site… :(

  5. @Bernd: It works on my development system, and the problem your describing sounds like it may be due to incorrectly configured permalinks or a bad widget. It’s possible it could be a bug in the theme, but I’m having trouble imaging what could break only some widgets in only one of the three theme variants (the widget code is very short). Let me know if you isolate the problem and there’s a fix I can apply to the theme to save others the same headache.

  6. We are testing your layout on a new site that we are playing with and it looks amazing. I have tweaked it a bit. The only problem I see is with Internet Explorer 7.0 beta . It is having a hard time keeping the integrity of the page and all the information is condensing.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up. the link to the site we are playing with is http://www.newsilicio.us



  7. @Tom: Thanks for the report. I haven’t begun testing with IE7 yet, so your report is especially helpful. I’ve got some workarounds for IE6 rendering bugs in the style-ie.css, which is not currently version specific. I’m sure IE7 is seeing those and getting tripped up by the workarounds. I’ll see what I can do to sort this out in the next version. Thanks.

  8. @Terrence: Trackbacks show up as comments, like this. It could probably be handled better, and I’d be happy to accept code to improve it. It’s not on the short list of things to work on, though.

  9. Hey Mike!! I just gave you your first rating (of a 5 no less!) for your incredible template. I wanted to say thank you very much for your efforts and it’s certainly NOT going unnoticed.

    I have one (hopefully) simple)question. Because I’m a stickler for web standards, I need to make the column sizing JS external so that the code will validate. However, when I do this, the JS is not recognized – at all! Can you tell me how to do this with WordPress with your layout? Thanks so much!

  10. Hi there,
    first of all: great work. I really like this theme. :)

    Ich have trouble changing the width of the sidebars.
    I have changed the width to 210px in each of the stylesheets, and it looks fine in FireFox. But IE6 displays the sidebars still in full width.
    I need some help, please.

  11. @Kelley: There’s no reason I’m aware of that you can’t import the script from an external file. Try with a simple example and add complexity until you find the mistake. You could also wrap the js in cdata tags, which should chill the validator out.

    @valerian: IE6 incorrectly expands a container until it’s contents fit. Something in your sidebar is too big, probably the spacer lines which have hardcoded widths. You need to make sure that none of your content is wider than your desired column width.

  12. Thank you very much for your help. :)

    Unfortunately I encountered another problem. Whenever “get_posts” in set in one of the sidebars it influences the posts displayed in the main-content.

    For example:

    ” class=”menu”

    have_posts()) : while($wp_query->have_posts()) : $wp_query->the_post() ?>

    But it does not work eather.
    Can you help me, please?

  13. Okay, i just figured out that the code ist not displayed in the comments.
    I tried to list up all Posts (by title/permalink) of category 1 in the sidebar using “$posts = get_posts”.

    If this code is placed in the sidebar, ONLY posts belonging to category 1 are displayed in the main-content – whatever category, page, archive or search you choose.
    However the code does work in the theme currently used (and soon to be replaced by yours :) ).

    I tried to work around the problem using another query… but it didn’t work.

    Any Ideas?

  14. Hi!, I think this template is awesome, and I’m currently running the 3 column version, but I ran into an issue o.O.

    I am having an issue with IE7 and the script used to pull the side-bars down to the same length as the center content. If the script is enabled, the content containers in the center will screw up, and the text will be all on top of each other. I’m not very experienced with script, so I can’t tell whats causing IE7 to behave the way it does other than IE sucks in general, but so many people use it that I have to make sure its IE compatible.

    Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!

  15. @valerian: You’re well outside the mainstream usage of the theme at this point. If you’re having trouble writing the additional functionality that you want, I would suggest looking for a widget that does something similar. Otherwise you’ll have to read up on the WordPress API and figure out how to write it yourself.

    @sccpu3d: IE7 is seeing the hacks I’ve added for IE6. It’s a known issue that will be fixed in the next version. If you want to tinker and try to fix the issue yourself before then, read about the Holly Hack and add the needed hacky bits to style-ie.css.

  16. Hi Mike,

    Great work and getting a lot of good reviews. Fixed the trackback and it’s working. Just one thing. On the links, they will not display alphabetically even when I set them by name in the panel.

    In anycase thanks for your work, it’s great.

  17. Mike, excellent theme! I’m using it as a basis for my sites relaunch. here’s our test site URL:

  18. I’m still testing; love the theme; fixed the IE7 bug by removing the line: .postbox .content { height: 1% }

    Don’t know if that is generally a good idea or not because I’m not a coder, but it does work in IE7 beta 3 now (the 3 column version)


  19. Mike

    Out of town but got your email. Thanks and have implimented it and coming out much better. When I get email going I will follow up.


  20. Get WuCoco 0.10.1 if you need IE7 compatability. Removing the “height: 1%” line from style-ie.css is a bad idea, as it’s needed to correct an IE6 rendering bug.

  21. want to implement and display nested categories .. new to wordpress and learning .. any suggeston on how to do this without breaking the theme … thanks

  22. @Sharon: Thanks for your interest in WuCoco, your question is more about general theme development, though. Read up on WordPress theme development, and especially about template tags. Check out the code for a theme that handles categories the way you want and start hacking. Ask in the support forums if you have general questions, and post here only if you have a WuCoco-specific question.

  23. first – I really like this theme, because it is easily modified visually. The great plus is the 3-c one.
    I found the following error though: after implementing the theme, everything looks great – except I don’t get anything in the front page, the 2 sidebars show up fine, links are clickable – but don’t go anywhere.
    I needed to disable the theme for right now, because no content is showing [pages, posts, etc].
    But really wish I could get this theme working in MU.
    Any suggestions?
    If that theme would work in MU – I KNOW, that would then be the first one that works properly in MU with 3 colums.
    I can activate the theme again, just so you can take a look for any suggestions.
    Please email me if you want to see the theme customized [visual]it’s all dark and looks really good.
    Thanks for any help.

  24. @michele: WordPress MU support is not currently high on my list. I’ll fix problems if I get good bug reports (as I don’t currently have access to a wpmu dev system, reporters will need to be quite specific and show some initiative in diagnosing problems and suggesting fixes). As always, I’m happy to consider well-crafted patches or offline offers for paid development provided the enhancements can be incorporated into my GPL’ed offerings here.

  25. Mike,
    thanks for the quick answer.
    I think it is a rather small change that is needed.

    you can actually see the center block – but it’s in the left sidebar =tiny, tiny lines.
    I have the feeling that it is actually calling the link [because it does not give any errors] but it places the center block [or page]in the sideblock because there is no correct tag telling it where to position it.
    If you don’t have the time or desire to fix this, please let me know, then I hire quickly someone at rent-a-coder, to fix this problem.

  26. PS: I loaded your default, to test if it was me that possibly screwed something up by modifying the colors and borders – but I guess not. It’s just the same visual, no center block.
    I have only one installation of MU, so can not show both versions at the same time, the org and the modified.

  27. @michele: Having looked at the page, I can’t easily say what’s causing your issue. Neither #postcol nor the individual postboxes are being output at all, which you can see if you view source. There’s a little bit of logic encasing individual posts, but nothing that should block #postcol from being created. If you can find someone at rent-a-coder who is familiar with wpmu, they’ll probably be substantially cheaper than me as I’ll need to set up a dev environment and get up to speed on its particular quirks.

    I would appreciate if you or your programmer would contact me with the changes you make so I can incorporate wpmu support into the main distribution, though.

  28. Ok – thanks for the tip.
    I’ll come back and let you know once it’s fixed – LOL.
    As you can see, this will be definitely an enormous asset to MU – LOL

  29. Great work MIke. I love Wucoco and am using the three-column version. This may seem strange but how can I turn off the code that makes the sidebars the same length as the post column. I’d love for the right and left columns to end after the content and just have the middle column extend as long as the posts.


  30. @Steve: Look in header.php. There’s a couple of functions that need to be removed. The only one of the three functions you want to keep is the one that clears the searchbox onfocus.

    There’s also a newer version of WuCoco that fixes IE7 rendering issues.

  31. Hi Mike!
    Yours is the template that convinced me to give WordPress a try, and I love the 3 column layout!

    The problem I’m having is that in most versions of IE I’ve looked through, the left sidebar slides a bit to the right, overlapping the main content. In Firefox it is, of course, perfect. A friend using IE 7 reported that it looks fine but the comments ran outside of their container.
    I’m not very fluent in coding, but can follow directions!

    Thank you very much for your time and for the template!

  32. @Mark La Roi: I’m not aware of any compatability issues with the latest version of WuCoco and IE7. Start by upgrading to 0.10.1. If you continue to have problems after that, post a screenshot of the vanilla theme displaying the problem and send another comment letting me know what browser/os you’re using and what if any wp-plugins you have activated.

  33. Hello Mike,
    I love your theme and it has worked great for me. I do have a question, any way to alter the code so that the links in the header drop to the bottom of the header rather than the top. And if possible uses images rather than text. Any info would be great.


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