WuCoco 0.10.1

WuCoco 0.10.1 is a small update that adds IE7 compatability.

Please don’t download IE7, though. Seriously. Internet Explorer has been an anchor tied to the leg of the web design community for years. CSS3 support is just around the corner, and it’s going to start all over again with the hacks and the new features that are supported by every browser but IE. Firefox is great, Opera is great, Safari is great. There’s really only one wrong answer, so do your part to make the web a better place and switch today.

Anyway, all ranting and no downloading makes Jack a dull boy. Get the one-column layout, the two-column layout, the three-column layout, or the image sources in Gimp XCF format (which haven’t changed since 0.10.0). Read the project page for the latest downloads and more information.

62 thoughts on “WuCoco 0.10.1

  1. @Steve: I see the issue, which element(s) are causing the issue? Is it in a post, or in a sidebar, or something else. Before/after screenshots and code snippets are especially helpful in diagnosing issues like this.

  2. Hello Mike,
    I love your theme and it has worked great for me. I do have a question, any way to alter the code so that the links in the header drop to the bottom of the header rather than the top. And if possible uses images rather than text. Any info would be great.


  3. @Chad: The header elements are clearly labeled both in the php and style files, you’re free to alter them any way you like.

  4. Mike: I’m using your template in Beta for an upcoming blog. When I make it live, I am having trouble “pulling” images that are not served on my host. For example if I try to embed a youtube video or link (with permission of course) to am image hosted on another site, it doesn’t work. Is this a template issue or a preference with my host sever that I need to check? Thanks – and awesome template!

  5. @Shalom: There are a few unresolved layout issues when embedding complex content into a post, but it’s hard for me to give specific help without seeing a specific problem. Post screenshots and code snippets that I can use to reproduce your issue and perhaps I can help.

  6. Mike – thanks for your offer for help. I think that I figured out my problem with embedding youtube videos. I was operating in visual mode. I went in to WP and unchecked “…visual mode” on both the options and users/admin sections. Now I have been able to put in youtube vids with no problem. Thanks!

  7. Hi Mike,

    I’ve just installed this theme, and it looks great. I’ve been doing some tweaking and have it just about where I want it. However, I’d like to add a flickr badge and a few other sidebar items which are not part of the sidebar widget family. I want to insert them myself. How do I go about putting those into the .css (I have the code ready to input from an older template of my blog, but I just need to know how to adapt them to this one css-wise).

    Also, I’ve decided to put borders around my images but if you look closely at the left margin of each image, there seems to be a grey line there. Is there some way to remove that?

    Many thanks and great work on this theme.

    Le G.

  8. Okay, I’ve sorted out my sidebar, but I can’t work out how to get the category headings in the left bar to reduce. Here’s an example of the code I’ve got:


    Wellington, New Zealand

    Thanks again,
    Le G.

  9. @Le: The sidebar headings are clearly labelled in ‘style-core.css’. They inherit their style based on tag parentage, not based on an id or class. Your problem is that you’re using divs to create your sidebar, whereas I’m using lists, which changes the tag parentage and borks the style inheritence. You can either:

    – Adopt the same tag structure I use for your sidebar (it is a very common structure).
    – Duplicate the sidebar heading styles and make them available via classes/id’s, or make them available for the tag structure that you use.

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