WuCoco 0.10.2

This is a bugfix release for WuCoco, it contains no new features but resolves the following issues:

  • Comments now render properly in IE6. This is a moderately severe bug.
  • Posts with complex HTML tags now display properly in the category archives.
  • All theme variants are now validating again (thanks for the patch Brian).
  • The comments link now correctly links to the comment form when a post has no existing comments.

By now, you know the drill: Download the one-column layout, the two-column layout, the new three-column layout, or the image sources (which haven’t changed since 0.10.0) in Gimp XCF format. Read the project page for the latest downloads and more information.

176 thoughts on “WuCoco 0.10.2

  1. Having an issue with “some” images in IE7. Not sure if us, the theme, or WordPress. All our posts get a little image in with them, and about 50% of the time, they get cut off in IE7. Site looks as we want it to look in Firefox, but IE6 and IE7 both do some wiered things, most we can live with, but the images cutting off is really annoying. So if you have any ideas let me know.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your response! I am so happy you took the trouble to reply.

    I installed a new version of Wucoco on my site. But it seems that the archive page is still weird for me. You can see it again at

    Other than the heading title, there is still a strange blank entry after February’s entries last year? Something wrong with my setup?

    Thank you!

  3. @Fosef: I noticed that you’re using a heavily modified WuCoco 0.10.0, have you confirmed the behavior with a vanilla install of 0.10.2? 0.10.0 has known issues with IE7 and the issue may have been fixed in later release. Also, confirm the issue _doesn’t_ exist with the default theme… if it persists there you have an issue elsewhere.

    @kf: Just to be clear, the way you created your archives page was to create a new page and give it the name “Archives” but place no content in the body of the page. Then you selected from the template pulldown the archives template. Correct? I want to be absolutely certain that you aren’t simply assuming that the archives page is always named archives (it isn’t), and have named it “X CTRY” thinking that the page title will be ignored (the title you select for your archives page is what should be displayed, whether it’s “archives” or “vampirebat” or whatever).

    At any rate, if you’ve done everything correctly, you’ve stumped me. I’ve had at least one other report of similar behavior but haven’t been able to reproduce on any of several test systems so I have no clue what’s going on. You can workaround the problem by editing archives.php and hardcoding the title (search for the_title and replace that bit of php with your title text.

  4. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the tip. Yup I created an empty archive page and that was all I did. I will edit the archives.php as from your suggestion. Now I really need to learn more about PHP.

  5. Hi Mike,
    Tks for this theme.

    I’ve installed on my blog wucoco_3col-0.10.2 on wordpress 2.02. My request is :
    Is possible in case the comments are disabled don’t show the link at “comment” or “no comment”?

    In case how I can do?

    PS. sorry for my english

  6. @Bisquì: This requires some simple edits to the theme. Search in index.php for “postmetadata”. There may or may not be other places you’ll want to tweak as well, but you can start there.

  7. Mike,
    Tks for the quick replay. I’m still working on it. My I translate this template in italian?

  8. @Bisquì: You may certainly translate into Italian. It will be the first translation, and I haven’t added any explicit support for internationalization so I can’ promise how easy or difficult it will be. If you do make any headway, PLEASE report back so the changes can be centrally distributed and kept in sync with future releases.

    Thanks so much for offering.

  9. Mike,
    I’ve done. Was’nt a hard job :-) The file .pot is ready, it work for me, send me un’email I will send you back the file

  10. Hey Mike!

    First of all, awesome theme you’ve created for WordPress. Just one question – how can I remove the column height matching feature? I actually want each of the 3 columns (I’m using the 3 colum version) to auto size to their contents and stay that size. I notice when the page first loads this happens, but after a few seconds the columns all resize to be the same height…..


  11. @Raj: There’s a javascript in header.php that does the column resizing. Just remove it (there’s also one for the searchbar, which you’ll want to keep).

  12. Hi Mike,

    It worked perfectly. I’ve used a customised version of the 3 column for my band’s podcast – . Thanks again for making it possible.


  13. Hi Mike,

    In response to my previous post and reply:

    @Fosef: I noticed that you’re using a heavily modified WuCoco 0.10.0, have you confirmed the behavior with a vanilla install of 0.10.2? 0.10.0 has known issues with IE7 and the issue may have been fixed in later release. Also, confirm the issue _doesn’t_ exist with the default theme… if it persists there you have an issue elsewhere.

    I now have a new issue, when I upload wucoco_3col-0.10.2, when I go to set it as the default them, it doesn’t exist…its listed under broken themes with the description “Stylesheet is missing.”

    The stylesheets exist, and i have deleted and re-uploaded several times not overwriting anything existing.

  14. Ignore my previous post…I was actually uploading the folder that held the theme folder. So there is your answer for anyone else that gets this…I seem some other posts that had it, but no explination.

  15. First, Sorry for the flood of posts.

    Back to the main issue. I installed the new version and made no changes to it, and set it as default. The images still get cut off. I then used the “default” theme, and everything is fine.

    So the images seem to only cut off with WuCoco themes. (I only have default and WuCoco, so that sounds harsher than it was meant)

    Please don’t take that as blame/insult either. I hate IE7 as much as the next person, but as you know with everything web, we have to account for all browsers the best we can, and with 57% of our visitors still using IE I want to try to fix this.

    So any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

  16. @Fosef: Detailed, well-researched bug reports are valuable. I consider them to be compliments rather than insults since they show that folks consider the theme valuable enough to spend time troubleshooting. By demonstrating that there is a high likelihood of your issue being a bug in WuCoco that affects everyone, you make it much easier for me to allocate time to your problem.

    I’m still not sure that this is such a bug, though. Looking through your page, I see that you have a tremendous amount of invalid markup in your post content, and not just run of the mill “missing alt tag” stuff. In particular, you appear to have extra, unclosed img tags in every post which may or may not be messing everything up. Unterminated tags of any sort can have very non-deterministic results in different browsers and different tag contexts (aka different themes).

    Try to generate a minimal test case for the problem in a page that has (mostly) clean markup, using the W3C validator to validate (note that 0.10.0 has some innocuous validation problems which are fixed in later versions, and you don’t need to worry about these). It will probably be easier to do this from scratch than to try to clean up all the posts on your blog, although I suspect you’ll find that invalid markup is the source of your problem and you’ll have to clean up your posts eventually (and you should in any event).

    Even though your post content “works” with most browsers/themes, it’s not possible to make WuCoco robust against all varieties of invalid markup… you have to keep your posts cleanish or you’ll run into problems. Please follow-up with a minimal test case, or once you’ve cleaned up your post markup.

  17. Well I found out what is causing the issue…its IE

    It seems if there is Italics next to the image, it doesn’t render the full image. If you look at the site, and see a cutoff image, I can gurantee you there is a word in italics bumped up against it.

  18. @Fosef: It may be that italics have something to do with triggering this particular problem, but until you fix your invalid markup you’re rolling the dice in terms of how your site looks. Good luck…

  19. I am sorry for the novice question, but how can I go about switching the header image. Where do I put the image I want, and how do I point to it…

    It’s a great theme…Thanks again!!

  20. @JRB: Replace the “header.jpg” file in the “images” directory with your own file. And maybe try just a little harder to figure it out on your own next time… mkay? I try to make WuCoco’s source files fairly approachable (even for novices) so don’t be afraid to explore.

  21. Hi Mike,

    Congrats, a really, really great theme.
    I’ve been using the 3 col, theme since October of last year, and it suits my needs perfectly. However I am stuck with being able to setup a page template so it covers the width of the 3 columns minus the 2 sidebars (ie 980px). I know how to remove the sidebars, but am stuck with the postcol data and what to put in the new template php and the stylesheet. I’ve checked all the other comments on the other postings for your different themes and earlier versions. I have even Googled it, but to no avail. Grateful if you could point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance.

  22. @Gaz: It would still be great if you’d share a more complete description of your problem along with the solution you found. Others may have a similar need.

  23. Hi Mike,

    On Feb 28th, you said:”It looks like you’ve got problems with your permalink structure. Double-check to make sure nothing has been broken there.”

    How do I go about checking it? I tried to copy and paste the original codes back and it still wouldn’t work. It doesn’t look like it’s the theme’s problem. I tried using other themes and it still wouldn’t work. Where should I look for the issue? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!


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