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The Lococo family has done a substantial amount of research into our family history, much of which is available online if you know where to look.

Genealogy Resources

  • Life’s Great Flood: Several members of the family worked together to create a book that details what we know about our family history. It contains many family stories, historical context to put events in perspective, illustrated family trees, and family photographs and documents.
  • The book is nearly 150 pages long and contains over 100 images or illustrations.
  • It is available as a PDF ebook. In order to protect the many personal stories in the book, it’s not available for public download, contact me for a copy.
  • It can be purchased as a 10.25in x 8.25in hardcover, full-color, coffeetable book from lulu.com. It costs $45, which includes free shipping unless you rush your order.  In order to protect the many personal stories in the book the ordering link is private, contact me for instructions. It’s very much like ordering from Amazon.com once you get the link, which is also posted on the authenticated portion of lococo.org.
  • lococo.org family tree: Our authoritative repository of ancestral information, this tree traces our ancestors back to the early 1600’s. In order to protect the personal information in our tree it cannot be viewed without a login/password, but anyone in the family is encouraged to contact me to get access.
  • Family Photo Album: Many of the images used in the Life’s Great Flood book, as well as many images that we couldn’t include, have been gathered together in this online photo album. Unlike most other resources, it can be viewed without a login/password. In addition to viewing the photos online, prints and photo-books can be ordered. Individual photos can be ordered for as little at 15cents, and photo books start at around $15.

How to Help

It’s takes a lot of effort to collect and organize our family history, but many hands make light work. You can help:

  • Interview a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle and take notes on their stories. For now, contact me with the stories. Hopefully we’ll soon have a private website to post such notes in.
  • Organize and write family stories into chapters or corrections suitable for inclusion in a future version of “Life’s Great Flood”, or a similar family-history book. For now, contact me with the stories.
  • Create digital copies of family heirlooms, books, videos, or old photographs. For now, contact me with information about the images or objects you have.
  • Submit corrections or additions to the family tree. Do we have ancestor data for both your mother and father? For now, contact me with your family tree additions and corrections.

Contact Me

Almost all of our family history research takes place in a private community. Contact me to join our community and get access to the resources described above, and be kept apprised of new developments. You can reach me by leaving a comment below, or by writing to ‘contact’ at this website (mikelococo.com).