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MHV Music Club


The Mid-Hudson Valley Music Club is a small group of musicians that play together for entertainment purposes. We don’t gig out or aim to make money as a group, but we do hang out about once a week on wednesday evening to jam or record.

Who We Are

We’re a rotating cast of characters ranging from quite casual to regularly gigging folks. We have 4 regulars so far and can usually put together at least a guitar, bass, and drum trio.

What We Play

We’re flexible and we don’t judge. Bring a couple of charts and we’ll try to play through them. We have players experienced in pop across the decades, hillbilly music, swing, jazz, and things that don’t fit easily in a genre. We play both covers and originals.

Where We Play

We normally play in a well-equipped space within a mile of the intersection of Vassar Rd and Spackenkill Rd in the Red Oaks Mill area of Poughkeepsie.


Keep an eye on the Hudson Valley Craigslist Musicians board for our post and respond there.

People who play with us regularly are able to log into the Members Page which has:

  • Meetup times
  • Meetup address
  • A full list of regulars with contact info