Bulbous, Not Tapered

Foo-fu and other favorites…


I’m in the process of putting up lots of old junk that I’ve told people about but often haven’t been able to show them. Last time I shaved my head I kept a mohawk for a week. It’s funny to have people look at you like you’re attached to your hair, but the novelty wears off pretty fast.

Update 3/20/06: Since a few hundred folks a month seem to be finding this site searching for information about mohawks, a short update is in order. I used Rave #4 (aka mega) hairspray to hold the spikes, which is cheap and works well. Elmer’s or spraypaint will get you more cred, but it’s unlikely that someone searching for hair advice on the internet is going to last very long with folks that spike with spraypaint under any circumstances. For that reason, I recommend sticking with something you won’t have to shave out until you have your sea-legs. The process of styling isn’t rocket science, but it does take a long time while you’re figuring it out and you really want a blowdryer. The tall spikes take a few layers of spray to stand up right and waiting for half a can of hairspray to air dry is not really an option.

p.s. I’ll send a surprise gift to the first person who can figure out what the sign I’m holding is about.

Update 5/13/06: The prize has been collected. The photo is a reference to Johnny Cash’s drug arrest while crossing the Mexican border in 1965. Although Cash doesn’t have a Mohawk in his mugshot, he was punk before hairspray was king.