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Study in Gray



The recent proliferation of high level computer programming languages has made it possible for non-expert users to write interesting programs without getting bogged down in technical specifics. In particular, the availability of libraries and API’s that provide high-level, user-oriented data primitives like pixels and video frames are very interesting because they allow users to approach visual tasks without having to understand how the computer internally represents visual data.

This series of images was born out of an interest in the repetition of very simple actions on an inhuman scale, and as a study in the nature of discrete verus continuous media. A 3-panel by 3-panel digital print measuring about 2 12’ square was displayed as the only ugly and conceptual work in the 2004 staff art show at Cornell University.

The script used to generate the images is GPL’ed. It should run on any system with Perl and PerlMagick available. The images in the _study_ingray series are released into the public domain.