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Fun, With Punctuation

Everybody’s talking ‘bout the new sound, funny but[t]. It’s still rock and roll to me. It’s especially funny if you can sound exasperated and lisp, sort of like Napolean Dynamite meets Butthead.

I was recently contacted by a childhood friend whom I remember fondly for his Butthead impressions. He’s the first friend or foe to find me through my website, although I suspect he won’t be the last. Lately I’ve had an increasing number of where-are-they-now conversations, even with friends who typically don’t care where “they” ended up. I think we may be hitting the age when that sort of thing becomes common.

Anyway if you’ve wondered about where Sean/Christopher/Jonathan Fallon or Paul/Jeff Chenkus are now, check out their tech news blog at nerdapproved.com.