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WuCoco 0.10.1

WuCoco 0.10.1 is a small update that adds IE7 compatability.

Please don’t download IE7, though. Seriously. Internet Explorer has been an anchor tied to the leg of the web design community for years. CSS3 support is just around the corner, and it’s going to start all over again with the hacks and the new features that are supported by every browser but IE. Firefox is great, Opera is great, Safari is great. There’s really only one wrong answer, so do your part to make the web a better place and switch today.

Anyway, all ranting and no downloading makes Jack a dull boy. Get the one-column layout, the two-column layout, the three-column layout, or the image sources in Gimp XCF format (which haven’t changed since 0.10.0). Read the project page for the latest downloads and more information.