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New York City?!!???!

Making good on the heels of my CISSP certification, I’m going to be joining the Security Services group at NYU in May as a Senior Network Security Analyst. Security Services is charged to protect the entire NYU network, which provides connectivity to around 40,000 nodes.

I’m incredibly excited about the move. Since my partner lives in New York, I’ve been job hunting there for almost a year and half and I’ve found that it’s a very competitive market. I needed to do a lot of professional development in order to be considered seriously for the positions I wanted, and this was the most interesting position I saw or applied for in my entire search. To have been hired into it just fantastic.

So anyhoo… I’ll be selling or giving away most of my stuff this month so Laura, Kip, and I can fit into an apartment the size of a shoebox. Have a gander if you need anything.