Bulbous, Not Tapered

Foo-fu and other favorites…


My RSS subscriber has reminded me that my feeds have gone a little bit wild over the last couple of days as I’ve gone through old posts to retag and update dead links. That’s all finished now, promise. I’ve been cleaning house and generally updating things…

  • I’ve migrated from Laughing Squid shared hosting to a linode virtual private server. Laughing squid has been good to me over the years, but I’ve gotten to the point where I really want a root shell on my web-server. And VPS’s have gotten cheap enough now to be a reasonable option.
  • I’ve retired the WuCoco Theme. It’s also had a good run, but I don’t have time or interest in bringing it up to date with the latest WordPress features. I’m now using a mildly tweaked version of Twenty Ten, which will likely continue to evolve.
  • General post, page, and link pruning.

This move should lay the groundwork to roll out some of the genealogy resources I’ve talked about wanting to make. When I’m done, there should be some mailing-list archives, a wiki, and maybe an image gallery… hopefully all authenticated via OpenID. We’ll see how it pans out, but preliminary tests have gone well so far.