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exif_touch is a perl script to set the “modified date” of a jpg image (or a directory of images) to match the “image creation” date information in the exif headers. This can be useful in allowing image browsing software to sort images images according to when they were shot, instead of when they were last modified.

It will probably run on any platform where exiftime and touch are available, but I’ve only tested it on my machine, which runs Fedora Core 3.

Download exif_touch-0.1.tar.gz

Update 9/5/2005: As of version 2.6.5 (and perhaps earlier versions as well), gthumb can do this. Look in the “Tools” menu for a “Change Date” option. Since this suits my needs just fine, this will be the last update of exif_touch.

Download exif_touch-0.2.tar.gz